Beachbody Gets Digital – How to Get It Streaming!

Beachbody On Demand

With Team Beachbody Club membership you will now have access to the brand new digital streaming platform, Beachbody On Demand.  You get the workouts plus step-by-step program guides, workout calendars, nutrition plans, and more—all online (well over $1,000 USD in value) available!  A digital catalog full of #1 fitness programs……WELCOME 2015!

Club Membership – $2.99 per week

It’s less than you’d pay for a daily cup of gourmet coffee! There are no obligations – cancel within 30 days if you are not just FLOORED by this digital experience! 😀

You’ll also get a 10% discount on fitness programs, gear, and supplements and have exclusive access to the customizable meal planner, so you can reach your personal fitness goals faster!! PLUS special access to trainer tips, videos, VIP chat rooms, recipes, nutrition tools, blogs, and much more.


Become a Club Member

Beachbody On Demand Benefits

Not sure what program you want to try? Don’t want to spend the money for a DVD that might just lay around and collect dust?  NOW you don’t have to, you can become a club member!  With unlimited access to hundreds of workouts in our digital library, Beachbody On Demand is a one-stop shop for all your workouts.  How freakin’ exciting is that?

How will it work?
Team Beachbody Club members will instantly have unlimited access to stream workouts from a list of Beachbody’s most popular fitness programs. Once logged into, Club members will select the Start Streaming tab from the home page, choose any fitness program in the streaming library, and stream any workout from the program!

Want complete package, offering total support for achieving health and fitness goals?
Get the Beachbody On Demand Club Challenge Pack  ** ONLY about $4.66 a day!
It delivers a 30 day supply of the essential nutrition you need **Shakeology**, plus online support, and instant access to 24/7 streaming access to Beachbody on Demand, which includes hundreds of workouts. This includes the chance to tap into Beachbody’s most popular programs, like P90X, INSANITY, TurboFire, 10-Minute Trainer and more, from anywhere with an Internet connection!

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success

And, you also get me as your FREE coach! I have been using the Beta of Beachbody on Demand for the past month and LOVE how it works!  I also host support groups where a bunch of crazy ladies meet for accountability!  Weekly group calls are also available if you are into recognition & fun prizes etc!  It’s just a fun time to get healthy in the comfort of our own home!

If your nutrition & fitness New Years Resolutions have fallen in a deep dark crevice  and the DVD’s you bought at the yard sale last year are collecting dust….It’s totally time to go digital!  Let’s chat…..see what program best works for you!

You Are Worth It


Are you a FAN of Beachbody workouts and want to learn how to become a coach to help others achieve results with these programs?


Do you want to lose up to 20 lbs by Easter?

Here’s the scoop….and yes I mention ice cream LOL

“Who’s getting excited for the new group to begin on Monday, Feb 2nd? You better high tail it to your email and send me one at and get your booty on the list!  It begins with 5 days….the rest is history!”

You don’t wanna miss this next group……there will be:
♦Weekly themes
♦Squat Challenges
♦Pushup Challenge
♦ICE CREAM SOCIALS…….made of blended fruit of course!!  :0)

INVITE your friends…family…….let’s get ready for summer, you know will be here before we know it……HIP HOP to SPRING and then its a SKIP into summer!”

Join us!  Total blast!

Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday!! ♥ This girl is my friend & fellow coach! Read her amazing story below……

“The picture on the left was actually 2 months into my weight loss journey. I began with a 7 day free clean eating group on January 27th, 2014! (Exactly one year ago today!) I then went on to join a 30 day group on Feb. 3rd. I began….

**Focus T25 and drinking Shakeology and continued eating healthy. **I then completed Combat
**4 rounds total of the 21 Day Fix
**and I am currently doing the New Insanity Max:30 workout program, drinking Shakeology, and following the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan.

I have LOST A TOTAL of 30 pounds, and 40 all over inches. I went from a size 22 jeans down to a size 16. I feel so amazing, and I no longer have low self esteem!”

HOLY SMOKES! She is on FiYAhhhhh!! 🙂 I love transformation stories!! Way to go Getfit4healthI love stories!! ♥ I love transformations!

Do you have a story to tell, a transformation to share that can help someone? Don’t hold your sucess in, SHARE it with the world.

If you would like featured in a Transformation Tuesday you can reply here or send me an email at

Don’t have a transformation, but want one? Contact me…I would ♥ to help you along your journey! 😀  I run private, virtual Facebook groups with this girl show below!  WE can get YOU the results you are looking for also! 🙂

Julie Smith

Join the Elite Group!

To become part of the Elite group in the Challenge Group you must purchase a fitness program Challenge Pack.  With this pack you receive everything in order to become motivated and you will be inspired to take control of your health!
Do You Ever Feel Like This?

Your Challenge Pack 
Get the complete challenge pack system-this covers all of your bases. Here’s what you get:
–One easy meal per day (Shakeology, a premium meal replacement shake with over 70 whole food ingredients and NO artificial anything
–30 minute complete and EFFICIENT workout program
–30 day free trial of our meal planning and shopping ‘club membership’ (we just cancel if you don’t want it after you’ve had a look)
–my DAILY support and motivation to keep you accountable; and health tips to keep you going every day! We have contests, free product giveaways, free gift card giveaways & much more!
–4 weeks of complete Easy meal plans with shopping lists
–an additional bonus workout
–the Challenge Pack Discount (average $60-$90 savings)
–Free shipping

Soooooo, to BEGIN….follow these 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Add me as your FREE Team Beachbody Coach. It is a 100% Free account & you receive me as your free coach.  The website is packed full of tons of free information!
  2. Add me on Facebook so we can connect & I can add you to the Elite Group!  This is where the accountability and the magic happens.
  3. From the link below, choose your Fitness Challenge Pack so you can begin your journey to success!  Here are 4 of our most popular packs!Focus T25 with Shaun T! – Click here
    P90X3 with Tony Horton – Click here 
    Les Mills Combat – Click here
                               The 21 Day Fix – Click here